Radiopharma process chains in collaboration with ORA NEPTIS®

AMMO Imaging is currently collaborating with ORA NEPTIS® for the development and production of radiopharmaceuticals from the cyclotron.
ORA NEPTIS is one of the biggest players in the supply of fully automated PET radiopharmaceutical synthesizers (radiochemistry modules) for use in the production of sterile injectable PET drug products.
ORA NEPTIS develop, design, manufacture, and supply multi-purpose radiochemistry synthesizers based on an open platform to deliver an outstanding customer experience and product performance.
With the performance, flexibility, and robustness of AMMO Imaging liquid/solid targets, combined with the versatility and manufacturing performance of NEPTIS synthesis modules, it is possible to expand the radio pharma product portfolio that can be obtained from low/medium energy cyclotrons.
Whether you are an academic or commercial institution and interested in either research and development, clinical trials, or commercial clinical production, a different synthesizer can be suitable for your production site.
The NEPTIS Synthesizer is fully compatible with AMMO Imaging products to produce radio-tracer based on 18F, 68Ga, and others.
AMMO Imaging is an official distributor of NEPTIS Synthesizer; we can offer installation and maintenance services and training to technicians.
Ask for technical support and more information about the products and how can be suitable for your site and market demands; a product specialist will be always ready to take care of your request.

ORA NEPTIS® Website: https://www.oraneptis.com/

AMMO Imaging process services


Target Installation & Development


NHC-X Gen II Target are fully compatible with all cyclotrons.
Different stable isotopes can be loaded with an independent loading system.

Synthesizer installation & qualification

ORA NEPTIS provides different solutions suitable for different radioisotope production.
AMMO Imaging, as a distributor of ORA, can provide installation and qualification services.
Maintenance & Training

Maintenance, Training, Develop New Products

AMMO Imaging and ORA guaranteed services for Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Training to operators, and technical support to develop new products.
For any information: office@ammoimaging.com