Targets have wide use in medical cyclotrons, a type of particle accelerator used in nuclear medicine to produce radiotracers. These are used in Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans as drugs to detect abnormal metabolic activity in tissue and organs.
The target is where the production of radionuclides takes place and it is installed in one exit port of the cyclotron where accelerated sub-particle are deviated to irradiate the solution inside the target.

Target Multi-purpose: NHC-X Gen II Liquid Target

To obtain radionuclides, NHC-X Gen II targets produced by AMMO Imaging are made of different parts leading to different purposes/scopes to optimize the performance of the production.

NHC-X target has a good design insert to enhance the cooling of the windows and insert and doesn’t need helium cooling utilities as a medium to cool down the windows like most commonly used targets.
It is important to cool down the vessel of reaction and a very important factor in No-Helium Cooling targets is the heat transfer coefficient from the water cooling side to the solution target side.
The design of the target guaranteed a high yield of production (up to 250mci/µA sat) in the entire operative range of irradiating current: from 50µA/h to 120µA/h for typical production of 18-F.

AMMO NHC Cyclotron Target
  • Fully compatible with commercial Cyclotron

  • Adaptable for other types of Cyclotron

  • No change in parameters/configuration inside the vacuum chamber

  • No change in Cyclotron HMI

  • Automated and independent filling system

  • Automated and independent unloading system

  • Volume: 2.5 – 3.5 mL

  • Target Insert Material: Niobium

  • Target Body Material: Aluminium 6061

  • Window Material: Single Niobium Foil

  • Max Beam Current: 80 - 100 µA

  • Rebuild Interval: 15.000 µA / 3 month maintenance

NHC-X Gen II targets are assembled and designed to prevent and reduce maintenance downtime; thanks to the design of the target, transfer lines are directly connected to the insert, without using an O-ring that can be damaged over time.
Preventive maintenances are done after 15000µA life target or after 3 months.

NHC-X targets do have not He-cooling utilities, leading to fewer materials that are activated by the electron beam. Thus, reducing waste and dangerous material to be discharged and less radio exposure to the technician during maintenance.
Furthermore, the simplified mounting/dismounting operating procedure makes the target easy to mount/dismount reducing exposure to ionizing radiation.

LIQUID TARGET Performance - 68Ga

NHC-68-Ga 1.0 h proton beam

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LIQUID TARGET Performance - 18F

NHC-18-F 2.5 h proton beam

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To meet the increasing radiotracer demands for clinical studies and treatment of a large number of patients, the most valuable alternative options are to produce that by medical cyclotron.

The new Solid-Liquid target (SLT Target) is an innovative target system designed to produce different radio-isotopes, useful for nuclear medicine, that can be produced by a low-medium energy medical cyclotron.

Our innovative target combines the better productivity of a solid target and the easy handling of a liquid target production in one compact target body.
In the SLT target, the irradiation is performed on the solid target material but the product of the irradiation, after a step of elution directly inside the bunker, is transferred to the hot cells.

The irradiation and elution are performed in a very compact target without using a beam line and all steps are controlled remotely with integrated software.
The target can be irradiated several times, thanks to the loading cassette system. The exhaust cassettes are disposed of in a shielded box under the target system.
All the system is water-cooled, with a heating system and without He-cooling utilities.

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