Targets are an essential component for medical cyclotrons, particle accelerators used in nuclear medicine to produce radiotracers for positron emission tomography (PET) scans. These scans detect abnormal metabolic activity in tissues and organs. The target, installed in an exit port of the cyclotron, is where radionuclides are produced by irradiating the solution inside it.

Target Multi-purpose: NHC-X Gen II Liquid Target

To obtain radionuclides,  NHC-X Gen II targets are designed to optimize production performance.



The NHC-X target features an innovative insert design that improves the cooling of internal components, avoiding the need for helium cooling utilities commonly used in other targets. Efficient cooling of reaction components is critical, and the design of the NHC-X ensures an excellent heat transfer coefficient from the water cooling side to the solution side of the target.



This design ensures high yields, achieving up to 250 mCi/µA saturation over the full range of irradiation currents, from 50 µA/h to 120 µA/h, typically used for 18-F production.

  • Fully compatible with commercial Cyclotron

  • Adaptable for other types of Cyclotron

  • No change in parameters/configuration inside the vacuum chamber

  • No change in Cyclotron HMI

  • Automated and independent filling system

  • Automated and independent unloading system

  • Volume: 2.5 – 3.5 mL

  • Target Insert Material: Niobium

  • Target Body Material: Aluminium 6061

  • Window Material: Single Niobium Foil

  • Max Beam Current: 80 - 100 µA

  • Rebuild Interval: 15.000 µA / 3 month maintenance

NHC-X Gen II targets are designed and assembled to minimize maintenance downtime. The design allows the transfer lines to connect directly to the insert, removing unnecessary O-rings that can deteriorate over time. Preventive maintenance is required every 15,000 µA of target life or every three months.

Without helium cooling utilities, NHC-X targets reduce the amount of materials activated during irradiation, thereby decreasing waste and hazardous materials disposal and reducing radiation exposure to technicians during maintenance. In addition, the simplified assembly and disassembly procedure makes the target easy to handle, further reducing exposure to ionizing radiation.

LIQUID TARGET Performance - 68Ga

NHC-68-Ga 1.0 h proton beam

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LIQUID TARGET Performance - 18F

NHC-18-F 2.5 h proton beam

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To meet the growing demand for radiotracers in clinical trials and patient treatments, production using medical cyclotrons is a valuable option.

The new solid-liquid target (SLT Target) is an innovative system designed to produce various radioisotopes essential for nuclear medicine using a low-to-medium energy medical cyclotron.


Our innovative target combines the high productivity of a solid target with the ease of handling liquid targets, all in a compact design. In the SLT target, irradiation is performed on the solid target material and, after an elution step directly inside the bunker, the product is transferred into the hot cells.

The irradiation and elution processes take place within a highly compact target, avoiding the need for a beamline. All steps are controlled remotely via integrated software.

Thanks to the cassette loading system, the target can undergo multiple irradiation cycles. Used cassettes are disposed of in a shielded box below the target system.

The entire system is water-cooled, has a heating system, and requires no utilities for helium cooling.

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